1. Participate in the construction of a new home (no experience needed!).
    • Build site volunteers during hazardous construction phases must be at least 18 years old and sign a waiver of liability prior to their assigned work date.
    • Become a Volunteer Group Build Sponsor.
  2. Donate Lunch for the construction volunteers. For more information about how to do this please email our lunch coordinator at
  3. Serve on a committee.
  4. Assist at special events.
  5. Help in the office with answering phone calls, mailings, general clerical work.
  6. Photograph important events such as a wall raisings and home dedication ceremonies as well as weekly photos of groups and individual volunteers on Wed and Saturdays onsite.
  7. Become an ongoing Volunteer Liasion weekly on site that helps the Groups and Individuals sign in, make coffee, give out protected gear, arrange lunch on table and clean up, etc.
  8. Social Media Volunteer - Update our information weekly on all media sites.
  • Associated Marble Industry
    Associated Marble Industry
  • AON