Q: How does Habitat work?
​HFHNC finds property, builds the home then sells it to a selected family at cost. HFHNC holds the no-interest mortgage  and uses the payments to build additional houses. The family's costs include the mortgage, insurance, closing costs, etc.

Q: How are families selected?
Families interested in owning a Habitat home must complete a Homeownership application. Once it is received, it is reviewed by the Family Selection Committee and after a lengthy and thorough process including face-to-face interviews and credit checks; a recommendation is made to the Board of Directors. This process is non-discriminatory and is based on three criteria: a family's need for housing, their ability to pay the mortgage, taxes, and home insurance and their willingness to put in at least 300 hours of 'sweat equity' towards the building of their own home and homes of other HFHNC families.

Q: How much does a HFHNC house cost?
It costs between $140,000 and $170,000 including the land to build a Habitat home in Nassau County. Our volunteer labor force, donations of materials and some skilled labor performed 'at cost'  help keep down the price. 

Q: Why must a family perform Sweat Equity?
Sweat equity provides meaningful interaction between families, Habitat Family Support representatives and habitat volunteers. Investing sweat-equity hours in their own homes helps families in the construction phase begin the transition to ownership.

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