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Meet The Clarkins, HFHNC Mineola project Partner Family

HFHNC recently completed a home in Mineola, a total renovation of the Clarkin family's home. Mary, Kathleen, William, Michael, Timothy, and Theresa Clarkin all are developmentally disabled adults. Their five other siblings are their guardians and caretakers. Yes, there are 12 siblings in all. As the Clarkin family home is owned by a trust, three of the siblings—Rosemary, James, and Deborah—also act as trustees.

The family home was left to the seven siblings when their parents passed away many years ago. When the home fell in disrepair, NYS stepped in, promising to pay for any needed repairs. However, this deal fell apart when NYS changed its mind after the seven were moved into a rental home for the duration of the repairs.

Soon after, Mark Waters from Nassau County told HFHNC of the Clarkin family’s situation. Even though this was not a typical HFHNC project, we saw a great need and knew that we could really help this family.

Habitat for Humanity of Nassau County with it's volunteer labor force, and vast resources was able to provide seven members of the Clarkin Family of Mineola with a updated and affordable family home. One they were all raised in and now twice the size, in which they all will reside

Habitat for Humanity of Nassau County is a 501(c)(3) organization committed to increasing the amount of quality, affordable, and suitable housing.

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D. Jordan - Hempstead

“I came to New York nearly four decades ago and stayed with a friend because the cost of living here was so high. After a while, my friend had to relocate to Brooklyn. I knew I wanted to raise my family on Long Island, not in the boroughs, so I chose to stay back and rent a place of my own. Raising my children and working for little money was very hard. And it certainly did not leave enough to save for a down-payment on a house.

I remember watching television one evening. A commercial came on about Habitat for Humanity and how they help people get homes. I sat down and wrote a letter saying that my family needed a home – that our situation was difficult and that we would be so grateful. My son has a heart condition, making it difficult to work, and my beautiful granddaughter is developmentally disabled, which is so tough on my daughter.   About a week later I received information and an application to fill out.

I remember getting the call, almost one year later saying that our family had been selected for a Habitat home. My daughter walked in while I was on the phone crying my eyes out. I couldn’t speak to tell her who was on the phone. When she took the phone and asked the person on the other end what was going on, she began to cry as well.

Our whole family worked on the build – everyone to the best of their ability. It was one of the greatest experiences of my life! This house has changed my life. People come into our home and say they can feel the love inside. I tell them it is the love from the Lord and from Habitat for Humanity.

The house has changed more than just my family’s life; it has changed this block…since the house was built, others on our block try harder to keep up their homes. And the bad element has moved on since they know people on the block care and won’t have any of it.

My favorite spot in the house is my kitchen. Though I love my living room and each of the bedrooms, and truly enjoy spending time in my yard, my favorite spot in the house is definitely my kitchen…I believe it is the heart of our home. I love to stand in my kitchen and cook for my family and friends, and all the while, I have the feeling of being blessed. I am so blessed to have this beautiful home, family to love and care for, and Habitat for Humanity in Nassau County to help make our family’s dreams come true.

I heard that a new home is going up nearby. I may be an old woman, and I can’t do what I used to, but as long as I can draw breath, I plan to go and help that new family have their dream too.”

D.Jordan, Hempstead, NY



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